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Specializing in custom flooring materials and installations, our experience is in custom commercial as well as custom residential work. Please contact us for a variety of material selections and ideas. We limit our product lines to some of the best floor coverings available, but have access to practically all flooring on the market. Click on the Virtual Decorator and look at all the possibilities to add great looks with value in mind. Give us a call to make an appointment , come on down to our new show room and lets make it happen.


Bamboo floors
A relative newcomer in the floor covering industry is bamboo flooring. Its natural beauty and strength make bamboo one of the most elegant and versatile flooring choices available.

Unlike wood, bamboo is actually a grass, making it a more environmentally friendly choice over hardwood floors due to its quick growth cycle. Bamboo Flooring is also very durable and able to compete with oak and other wood species with some Janka hardness ratings of over 2400. Because bamboo is a natively tropical plant, it is resistant to moisture and less susceptible to expansion and contraction as compared to hardwood floors.

Tile and Stone

When you think elegance, beauty, and style, you think of Tile & Stone. Like hardwood flooring, tile and stone adds value to your home because of its durability, beauty, and versatility.

One advantage to tile flooring is the variety of types including wall tiles and floor tiles. It is an ideal flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens because it is impervious to moisture and is able to cover the entire room with fluent design and grace. Accent Tiles can give a touch of flare to a tile or stone installation giving the entire room the feel you’re looking for be it rustic or contemporary.

Tile and stone floors are becoming more popular for other rooms of the home as well, from living rooms to dining rooms, because of its long lifetime. A high quality tile or stone floor will last a lifetime while maintaining its luster for years. Often, people use area rugs to enhance the tile’s color and even further bring a room to life.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are the staple of the flooring industry. Solid hardwood floors have been used for centuries because of their natural beauty and durability while engineered wood flooring has recently become popular due to its ability to be installed below ground level while maintaining a real wood look and feel. Unlike laminate flooring hardwood floors can be refinished in order to bring back their natural warmth and luster. Solid floors can last a lifetime maintaining their beauty for years to come making them a timeless investment that, like ceramic tile, adds value to your home.

Laminate Flooring

The fastest growing flooring choice in America is laminate flooring. Its European fame has made it spread quickly into the United States due to popular companies like Pergo. Laminate floors, or Pergo floors as it is often referred to after the brand, are known for their low cost, ease of installation, and great looking features.

Because of its layered construction laminate floor is much cheaper than its hardwood counterpart. The visible layer is the pattern layer and is protected by a thin layer of laminate, usually made of aluminum oxide, which is resistant to scratches, burns, chipping, dents, etc. and most importantly, suitable for foot traffic. The pattern layer is made from a screen that is created to replicate the look of real wood or tile floors. The core layer is created using High Density Fiber which is moisture resistant and durable. The HDF layer is very difficult to scratch or stain and houses the locking system which aids in the installation of the floor.

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